In my 30 years of playing, I have created some great original music. Here are some of the songs I created:

  • Colors Never End – A song about color
  • Break my Heart for the First Time – Sad song
  • My Hot Dog – A happy Baseball song
  • Goin Down the Road – Folky Americana music
  • Airstream – Travel song
  • Best Friend – A story
  • Music Soulmates – Highlighting musicians I have worked with
  • Shiny Change – Happy song!
  • Snake Oil Man – One of my favorites
  • In the Same Old Town – A Duet I wrote in 2011
  • Twenty Times – A song I wrote and performed with a few bands
  • Never Been to Jamaica – It’s true.
  • Happy Hour – One of my favorites. Country pop feel.
  • Drift Back – A collaboration with Brian Morse (Auqamunkee)
  • Everybody – A song I wrote in 1995 when another friend passed away. Tribute.